The Frugal Frau

How now smart Frau?

How now smart Frau?

All right, all you spendthrifts out there. I promised you money saving tips from the Frugal Frau and here’s our first weekly installment. I’m giving it to you early in the week so that by the weekend you should have realized substantial savings, not to mention the satisfaction of a job well done.

Understand, that the Frau does not claim to have necessarily invented such techniques but she does practice them ad nauseum. I am a witness.

What do you do with your empty butter wrappers when that pound of butter or margarine is gone?

Don’t tell me you throw them away. Don’t tell me that. The Frau folds each and every wrapper, stacks them in a small, air tight container in the refrigerator and then uses the still buttery coverings to grease casserole dishes, cake pans or muffin tins.

You will find that there is usually just enough butter left on the old wrapper to do the job.

I know, I know…it changed my life too.

Step 1: Save the wrappers

Step 1: Save the wrappers

Step 2: Apply the butter

Step 2: Apply the butter

Until we post again remember what the Frugal Frau always says: ‘Seid nett zueinander!‘ (Be nice to each other.)

Auf Wiedersehen


4 Responses to “The Frugal Frau”

  1. dannyplainview Says:

    Das ist ein Bingo!

  2. Ach! Was ist Das? Making fun of frugal?

    I love this one, because this is something my mother did, and her mother, and….I actually do this too. I am first generation Canadian of German/Danish parents and grandparents.

    Maybe it’s a German thing, a holdover passed on from our elders who grew up in war time Germany and had to conserve every little bit of rations. Of course, if you are a baker, it makes perfect sense! Why waste a perfectly good paper towel to rub butter on a pan when these wrappers are free?

    In our house, I cut the ends off of makeup tubes, hair product containers, whatever… and happily find at least a couple days worth. I think I’d still do it even if I won the Lotto 649.

  3. Well, if this isn’t universes colliding, Laila.
    Angie was just suggesting the cutting of the tubes as another entry earlier this morning.
    Don’t get me started on all things German.
    It didn’t matter where I went in the world to shoot television documentaries I always, always ran into Germans.
    I would just turn to the cameraman and simply say, ‘Germans!’.

  4. Louise Peterson Says:

    Hi Angie
    I think that is a great idea. the name “Frugal Frau” sounds like a TV series for the cooking channel.
    I love this first idea, hope to see a new one each week.
    (Dr.Frey’s office)

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