It Sure Looks Like the Best Place on Earth

This is just one of the gorgeous moments captured by West Coast Canadian photographer Bob Herger in a brilliant new book about to be officially released by Ken Budd’s Summerwild Productions.

Ken, who wrote most of the accompanying script for Bob’s images, has already produced, published or written more than two dozen books featuring some of British Columbia’s greatest scenic eye candy.

Vancouver: Living the Moment also includes the writing of such city personalities as Vicki Gabereau, Rick Hansen, Jack Hodgins, Squire Barnes, Bill Good, Gloria Macarenko…and Dave Gerry.

You can check out  Living the Moment at the link below on my blogroll or keep an eye out on the shelves of bookstores everywhere.



3 Responses to “It Sure Looks Like the Best Place on Earth”

  1. thanks for posting a lovely photo of my beloved 2nd home!

  2. marilyn Piticco Says:

    Hi Dave,

    We have missed you. We need our mutual friend to get us together and we can talk. I think I might be getting the tap on the shoulder myself soon. You have always made us laugh. Miss you!!

  3. Margot Maines Says:

    Marvellous photo of a heron on the Stanley Park seawall…I had the great fortune of being born and raised in surely one of the most beautiful cities on earth, Vancouver. I am a happy export to Vancouver Island, in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, now 12 years, and STILL pinch myself in complete joy!

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