Hello world!

Dave Gerry

Welcome one and all!

I’ve been thinking about launching this blog for over a year now. What took me so long?

That’s a damn good question which, I suppose, will have to be explored in much greater detail in the days and weeks to come.

Basically, I’m doing this to keep myself from going crazy…and, let’s face it, I was pretty kooky to begin with. I spent the past 33 years grinding out material for Canadian television (and a bit of radio) and I now find myself in a state of semi-retirement..whatever that means. It’s a strange place to be because I just can’t turn off the creative valve. There are many nights when I watch an endless series of story possibilities and goofy concepts parade across the inside of my eyelids.

This will be a good outlet. I hope I can make it entertaining and a bit provocative. For all of you who have stopped me on the streets of Vancouver and asked where I’ve been I will, very shortly, effort an explanation. And for all of you who have expressed an appreciation for my television work over the years I want you to know that, frankly, I miss you too.

Maybe we can connect even more closely online than we ever did staring into a television screen.

That would be a hoot.



25 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Great idea; great title; and goodness, gracious, great Gerry is going goofy!
    I can’t wait for future entries…

  2. Dave, finally!!! What took you so long? You have come a long way from dressing up in a chicken suit at the Hyatt. I am going to twitter your new blog to the world…

  3. Hey Dave,
    I will be a faithful reader to your creativity. Best of luck with it.

  4. I look forward to your blog entries!! Love the title and concept!!

  5. good for U and i can’t wait to hear the ramblings from the larder of your mind. that in it self is a good start.

  6. hot diggity!!
    this could be some kind of fun i think.
    but dave, my dear old pal…what is with this font that is so cruel to old eyes like mine ?
    the woman who no longer has a permanent bay wants an answer. i hope i can read it when it arrives.
    bon chance dave…i look forward to seeing your universe unfold on-line.

    • Ah Chardon, Chardon, Chardon,
      I can change the look of this with a click of the mouse but let me get it up and running first. Besides, sitting in a dark room writing on a black page brings out my inner Edgar Allen Poe.

      • well, i like that black actually and i love poe.
        this site actually is a bit easier to see and read on my mac than on my machine at work. but i guess i should not be looking at the internet at work anyway.
        if we are remembering favourite items…i still remember with fondness, the president of the easter bunny union tying to organize all the other bunnies for better working conditions and benefits. dave in a bunny suit and malcolm, down on the floor moving the stuffed bunnies around. that was good.
        and the story about how folks always ose one sock at the laundromat. tragic!
        there are so many golden dave moments, with i hope more to come.

      • Boy, this is getting rich. Dave in a bunny suit. Dave in a chicken suit. Dave in full body black makeup.
        The career simply glowed with sophistication, didn’t it folks?
        By the way, the most telling moment with the black Surrey Vice makeup came when I simply left it on one day, drove home, walked up to the house and my 5 year old son threw open the door and, without missing a beat, screamed, ‘ DAD!’.

  7. Wow!!! Dave Gerry opens up to the world! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! It’ll be a little hard to do “Surrey Vice” over the internet, but hey … ya never know!! 😀


  8. Dirk van Renesse Says:

    Good luck with your new semi-project Dave.
    Hairman Goring.

  9. Dave, old friend, congratulations on what will be another fun adventure. I must say one of the true highlights of this summer’s surprise party was to see you and Angie walk through the door! Surrey Vice? Was it really that long ago? Great memories….all the best, and I’ll be tuning in….

  10. Mike Orlando Says:

    Hey Dave! Great to have seen you this summer. Ciao.

  11. deneen reiter Says:

    Looking forward to more Dave Gerry posts … we’ve missed you!

  12. Johnny Michel Says:

    Congrats my good friend! It’s about time! luv2luvU

  13. Dave!!!!! So glad to “see” you again! I will be reading your blog faithfully, you can count on that. It’s been too long, but better late than never. You’ve been missed 🙂

  14. Dave, Dave, Dave…so glad to hear you’ve not fallen off the earth. My day used to start with BT here in Halifax, then to Toronto’s version, but always, always you were the ones I had my ‘elevenses’ with (4 hours difference, remember). Since you’ve been gone from my life, (sigh) I’ve had to drink my tea and have my biccy alone. So now I find you here…blogging away like the 21st century is your friend. 😉

    All the best; if you’re ever in the Halifax area…


    • Good to hear from you Grandma. It was amazing how many people watched that breakfast show from a long way away.
      Watch what you wish for…the last time some viewers asked me to drop in I did it…and spent a Canadian Thanksgiving with them in Bucerias, Mexico.
      Come back again,

  15. Bunny suit, chicken suit, birthday suit.. any of these now will do. It’s just good to see you back, Dave. For months we have been denied and now, finally, we get our D.G. fix. (by the way.. I totally boycotted BT after you and Simi left the show..haven’t watched it since).
    Best of luck to you.

  16. DAVE!!! How I miss your wonderful humor to start my day!! I am excited to see more great things to come!!!

  17. Mike Hutchison Says:

    Dave! How great it is to ‘see’ you again, I’ve missed your humour in the mornings! ‘Manic Tapas’ is a perfect title for your blog, I look forward to more installments from you. If you’re ever visiting Victoria, I’d love to buy you lunch or dinner just to say ‘thank you’ for the laughter and offbeat perspective you’ve given.
    Take care and keep the thoughts flowing 🙂

  18. Congratulations Dave! This is the perfect venue for you!
    Looking forward to checking this out on a regular basis.
    By the way, NOW could you answer my friend request on Facebook?
    I’m starting to think you don’t like me anymore!

  19. Susan Kozinets Says:

    OMG!! Here you are!!
    I loved your story on the Frugal Frauline.
    You’re a lucky man to have your peach so lovingly fondled all these years. Who else but your Ange!!
    I seriously enjoy your writing style…so witty, so current, so genuine.
    Can’t wait to hear all about your boys and their exploits too.
    And a mention of a certain Men’s Wear Store would not go unrewarded.
    I’m just sayin’….

  20. Happy Happy to read You, I have missed You, for so long I waited for you guys to come back from your vacation,then I found out (Tap).
    Good Luck to YOU and have FUN>

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